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What is a dry run? How is this done? Everything you need to know

Vaccine dry run is being conducted in four districts of the state today. The dry run is from 9 am to 11 am. But most people don’t understand how to run the dry run.

The dry run is being conducted in the State with the objective of checking and ensuring the preparations for vaccine distribution. Dry Run is a vaccine distribution center that introduces everything except the vaccine. Each center will have 22 health workers.

The nationwide dry run is being conducted only days before the vaccine is distributed. This is why dry run is being conducted in four selected districts of Kerala. 25 health workers are symbolically vaccinated as part of the dry run. They will be closely monitored. After realizing that there are no health problems, the vaccination will be given in the presence of a doctor. After this, they will be sent after half an hour of observation to ensure that they do not have any health problems.

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