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‘Arrest warrant’ against U.S. President Donald Trump for murder!!!

On Thursday an arrest summons was given for outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump concerning the slaying of an Iranian general and a strong Iraqi militia leader last year, Iraq’s judiciary stated. The order was administered by a judge in Baghdad’s investigative chateau charged with investigating the Washington-directed drone strike that murdered Gen. Qassim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the court’s media office told. They were murdered outside the capital’s airport last January.

Al-Muhandis was the deputy leader of the state-sanctioned Popular Mobilisation Forces, an umbrella group comprised of a collection of militias, embracing Iran-backed groups, assembled to combat the Islamic State group. Soleimani led the expeditionary Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The arrest warrant was for a charge of deliberate murder, which holds the death sentence on conviction. It is doubtful to be brought out but extended in the disappearing days of Mr. Trump’s presidency. The determination to administer the order “was made after the judge recorded the statements of the claimants from the family of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis,” as per the statement from the Supreme Judicial Council. The inquiry into the murder is enduring, the court said.

The murders flared a tactful situation and strained U.S.-Iraq relations, attracting the ire of Shiite political legislators who gave a non-binding solution to pressure the government to expel foreign corps from the country. Iran-backed groups have since strolled up raids against the American presence in Iraq, directing to hazards by Washington to shutter its Baghdad diplomatic task.


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