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Directorate General of Civil Aviation issues fresh guidelines to airlines

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued  fresh guidelines to airlines  who were transporting the Covid-19 vaccine packed in dry ice.  The guidelines was issue as dry ice transforms into carbon dioxide gas at temperatures higher than minus 78 degrees Celsius under normal atmospheric pressure. 

“Adequate number of carbon dioxide detectors should be available in the cabin. Such detectors should be located at locations for timely and reliable detection of dangerous concentration of carbon dioxide. All operators while engaging in transportation of COVID-19 vaccines packed with dry ice shall establish the maximum quantity of dry ice that can be loaded in a given cargo hold or in the main deck (passenger cabin) when a passenger version is deployed for all cargo operations”, said DGCA in a statement.

The temperature maintenance requirement for COVID-19 vaccines is reported to be varying from minus 8 degree Celsius to minus 70 degree Celsius. So refrigerant material like dry ice must be used during the transportation of the vaccine.

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