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“Daughter clashes with Trump” ; Ivanka to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration

Ivanka Trump reportedly desires to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration to be a “good sport” and preserve her political career. But it’s insisted the move has created a significant split with her dad, who has now openly declared he won’t escort the January 20 event.per the reports, Ivanka worries her “promising political career is in jeopardy” and is preparing “whatever she can to save her reputation”.

The report cites a White House source who alleges Donald Trump is up in arms about her determination because the family should set on a federal front.”He stated that it’s an offense that she would also desire to join with the swindlers that are attempting to draw him down. The President told his girl that her appearance at the inauguration will lose her thousands of followers and would be the worst choice she could ever make.” the source claimed.

“She said she has to defend her own federal goals and isn’t about to scum it all up by chaperoning her dad’s 2024 campaign kick-off which is introduced for the same day. She’s giving that for her dad and Don Jr.” Ivanka is yet to reinforce her presence and there are contradictory opinions whether she is actually called to attend. Others have sought to what extent would she attend.

It occurs after Trump declared he would not attend Biden’s inauguration, splitting a long pattern that works all the way back to 1869. The President announced his decision on Twitter last week. The quiet handover of authority from the president to president, in person, is regarded as a significant American tradition, even or maybe especially when the two leaders symbolize different parties.

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Barack Obama showed up for Donald Trump’s inauguration. George W Bush showed up for Obama’s. Bill Clinton showed up for Bush’s. And so on. Only three retiring presidents in US history have not chaperoned their successor’s inauguration. They were John Adams in 1801, his son John Quincy Adams in 1829, and Andrew Johnson in 1869. The First Daughter’s tweet was posted in reply to the turmoil that was released in Washington DC where pro-Trump followers attacked the Capitol building in a proposal to abolish the outcomes of the November 3 election.





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