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“Drug Case”; Former minister’s son arrested in Chennai

Subsequent months of the quest, the Central Crime Branch apprehended Aditya Alva, son of former minister Jeevaraj Alva, in Chennai. He had been absconded after September 2020 following he was mentioned and involved in the high-profile narcotics trial including Kannada film actors, producers, and party organizers.

Alva, who is accused as 6th in the case, purportedly planned for parties to be organized at his house in Hebbal where narcotics deals were managed. Soon after he went absconding, the police administered invasions at his residence as well as research procedures at the house of his brother-in-law Vivek Oberoi in Mumbai.

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CCB officials are searching Alva to determine how and why he escaped. The police are also investigating his call history details. Last week, the police had captured film producer and businessman Shivaprakash Chippi, who is involved as no. 1 in this case. Chippi had set himself in and was questioned before being let off.

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