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Meet Vijaya Gadde, the Indian American who lead the suspension of Trump’s Twitter account.!!!!!!!

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s Top Lawyer, initiated the decision to forever suspend the former US president’s Twitter account.

Initially, Twitter blocked Trump’s Twitter handles on Friday eventually intensifying its crackdown on his social media posts that they believe supported the rioters at the US capital.

A prolific user of the platform, Mr. Trump regularly hit headlines for his controversial tweets even before becoming president in 2016, Mr. Trump’s
The social media platform always enabled him to bypass the traditional media and communicate straight to a wider audience, Mr. Trump used it to propagate false claims, settle scores with opponents, and even fire people.

Gadde, the company’s head of Legal, Policy and Trust and Safety issues, took to Twitter and said “The account of @realDonaldTrump has been permanently suspended from Twitter due to the risk of further violence. We’ve also published our policy enforcement analysis.”



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