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Rima Kallingal enthralls the audience with her Pirouette dance video.

The lockdown seems to have given space to art expressions with dancers and musicians putting their best together and exploring with styles and subjects. Rima Kallingal, who had brought out the Yamuna, an ensemble dance piece on preserving rivers, has now released a performance which she has directed, titled Pirouette.

Shot against the earthy background of an eco-friendly home, named Pirouette House, the performance is conceived by dancers from her Mamangam dance troupe. It is choreographed by Aloshy Amal and Greeshma Narendran, who set part of the dance with Amitha S Eam, Jyothish, Pratheesh Ramdas, and Sanjana Rachel Jose. The short contemporary performance is sensual and acrobatic “with elements of kalarippayattu” infused into it, giving it a mesmerizing effect, accompanied by nearly hypnotic music by Neha Nair and Yakzan Gary Pereira.

Explaining that the joy in mastering a pirouette is unbeatable says Rima, who has directed the piece of art,  in a note, “The moment we do that first successful turn, we’re dreaming about the next one, imagining a double, hoping for a triple, fantasizing about quadruples and yearning to one day be gliding around seamlessly being one with the movement. In their journey, the dancer fabricates their own pirouette which is not bounded by any technicalities. The one that begins to give them meaning emotionally. There is focus, restrain, and balance in it. It is the pure joy of identifying one’s own essence in their art.” 


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