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Who should get the Covid vaccine? When to vaccinate the general public; Department of Health with explanation….

Kochi: Covid vaccination will be started in the state from January 16. 12 centers have been set up in Ernakulam district for this purpose. The public may have many concerns and doubts in this situation. The Department of Health is clearing up doubts to allay such concerns.

The vaccine helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. If a person who is confirmed or suspected of having covid is vaccinated, the risk of transmitting the disease to others is very high. Therefore, vaccination may be postponed until 14 days after the onset of symptoms. The vaccine given in India is as safe as the vaccine given in other countries as its safety and efficacy have been ensured through various stages.

After receiving the Covid 19 vaccination, rest at least half an hour at the injection center. Inform health workers if you experience discomfort or physical difficulties. Wear a mask and keep your hands clean. There may be a slight fever and pain that may occur even after receiving another vaccine. The Department of Health has made arrangements to deal with other side effects caused by the vaccine. People who are on medication for cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure can be vaccinated.

People with such diseases are more likely to get the vaccine as they are at higher risk of contracting the disease. A total of two doses of the vaccine should be given, two doses at each 28-day interval. Within two weeks of receiving the second dose of vaccine, the body builds a shield of antibodies. A priority list of vaccines has been prepared for those at high risk. The first category includes health workers and senior activists who deal directly with the public, such as police and local government officials. The second category includes people over the age of 50. The vaccine will then be made available to all.

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