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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the ‘most popular leader’: Survey results out

As per a new survey conducted, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular leader in India. IANS C-Voter State of the Nation 2021 survey has revealed this.  The survey revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular and powerful leader with 44.55% votes.

The survey revealed that Odisha, Goa and Telangana are leading the chart of states where PM Modi’s charisma is still intact. The survey covered all the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies. Around 30,000 people were interviewed for the survey.

As per the survey,  around 78.05% people in Odisha are very much satisfied with PM Modi’s work, while 14.03% people are satisfied to some extent with the Prime Minister’s performance, and 7.73% people are not satisfied at all. PM Modi has a net acceptance of 84.35% in Odisha.

PM Modi enjoys similar popularity in Goa and Telangana with a net approval of 80.35% and 72.03%, respectively. In Uttarakhand, PM Modi’s net approval is 45.77% while in Punjab, the people are least satisfied with the work of the Prime Minister.

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In Tamil Nadu, only 12.59% of people are satisfied with the PM. In the Union territories, the Prime Minister has a net approval of 31.99%. In Kerala, 33.2% are very satisfied with the PM’s performance and 27.72% are satisfied to some extent. 39.05% not satisfied with the works carried out by the Prime Minister whose net approval in the state is 21.84%.


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