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Faces of ‘Siberian Tutankhamun’ and his sacrificed concubine were reconstructed. Take a look

Scientists have succeeded in reconstructing the face of the king and his sacrificed concubine known as the ‘Siberian Tutankhamun’ who lived about 2,600 years ago. It took months to recreate the available half of the king’s skull. 3D models are made using technologies including laser scanning and photometry. Earlier historians believed that the woman who was with the king was the queen. But the Siberian Times reports that she is the beloved concubine who was forced to accompany the king in the afterlife.


It took the researchers a long time to fully construct the king’s skull. Only the remains of half the skull were available. Part of the face was hard to make. The remains of Siberian Tutankhamun and his associates were discovered in 1997 on a hill known as Arzhan 2 in Tuva, Siberia. The bodies of the king and his beloved concubine were buried in two wooden coffins in the middle of the 262 feet wide hill. A collection of jewelry including gold and gems has also been found here. The main tombs and treasures were placed in the middle of the hill to scare away the thieves. In the concubine’s tomb were beds made of acacia. Gold needles, insignia, gold bracelets, and a bag full of jewelry were found from here. About 20 kilograms of gold was found near the tombs of the king and his concubine alone.

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