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Rahul Gandhi speaking ‘strategically’ how to defeat China without using army, navy and airforce

Rahul Gandhi is back in the spotlight after mistakenly saying the word “STRATEGY” for a number of times, adding yet one more blunder to his already famous list of embarrassing gaffes. Check out this hilarious speech about the non-necessity of defence in our nation.While his confidence is admirable, Rahul Gandhi will perhaps do well to brush up his oratory skills , be it during an election campaign or while giving the speech in the Lok Sabha.

If the government uses India’s labourers, farmers, and workers, the country will not need armed forces to guard the borders “If you use India’s labourers, farmers, workers you will not need the Army, Navy, and Air Force to be standing over there (Borders). China will not have the guts to come inside,”, said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.Addressing a rally at Erode, Tamil Nadu, the Gandhi-scion pushed for demilitarisation of Indian borders, especially along the Indo-China border saying that the government was using the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force to protect India from China, however, it should use India’s farmers and labourers at the borders instead of Armed Forces at the border.

Read more; The nation missed this genius to be the PM. Any way literate Keralites are proud to have him as their MP from Wayanad.

To conclude this , we quote Rahul Gandhi’s answer from an interview where he was asked a simple question on what fruit he likes. Read his answer for yourself.

Rahul Gandhi: I do Vipassana. The mind constructs the flavour of the fruit. You can like or dislike any fruit you want. You can choose to like mango, you can choose to hate it. You can choose to like poor people, you can choose to hate them. You construct everything in your mind. The mind decides everything. I might start off hating someone, but after a bit of interaction, I’ll see things through their eyes, and be like: Actually, I like him; he’s great’. But to answer your question: I like mangoes, I like bananas, I never used to like carrots, but now I do. I never used to like asparagus, but I do now.

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