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McDonald’s China launches a new ice-cream flavour… Do you dare to try it!!!

Many images of strange combinations in food are going viral lately. There are those who find innovation in combining two dishes that are not at all compatible. Recently chocolate chicken biryani, ice cream cakes and watermelon ketchup went viral. Now here’s another weird combination. ‘Chilli oil vanilla ice cream’.

Now it would be a mistake to think that there are any individuals behind the introduction of such a crazy taste. Chilli Oil Vanilla Ice Cream is presented by the McDonald’s Group of China. The ice cream flavor is called Spicy Chilli Oil Sunday. Chilli oil, an integral part of many Chinese dishes, is served mixed with ice cream.

This dish was presented on January 21st. Ice cream is available at selected outlets in China. The picture was shared by Chenchen Zhang, a Twitter user. The comments go on to say that there are two flavors that should never be added, and that both flavors are ruined by the spicy and sweet combo.

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