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She bought nothing new, ate cheap cat food, and she is a billionaire…. Read more!!!

We have only heard of stingy billionaires in stories. But what if there really is such a person. The billionaire is Amy Elizabeth, 50, of Las Vegas, USA. She have revealed the story of her own greed. Amy has assets worth $ 5.3 million (Rs 38.71 crore). But Amy is too stingy to spend money. Amy reveals that she does not buy anything new to avoid spending money, and that she eats cat food to reduce costs.

Amy’s life revolves around preparing her own budget. The monthly budget is one thousand dollars (73,000 rupees). It will not cost a penny more. She have found many ways to save money. Amy saves $ 2 million just by not buying anything new.

The first is to control the use of water heaters. The heater needs to be heated for 22 minutes. So the heater is turned on every morning and takes a bath for exactly 22 minutes. In an interview with the American channel TLC, she said that the water heater will not be allowed to run for even a second. This saves Amy $ 80 a month. The dishwashing scrubber will not be replaced until it is completely useless. A total of one knife for kitchen use.

Amy lives in the house she got after her divorce from her husband Michael. Michael promised to clean the house and grounds free of charge after the divorce. The way Amy adopts not spending money on food is a little shocking. Amy eats cheap tinned food for cats. They also serve this cheap meal with chicken and fish gravy to some of the guests who come home. The ways she follow to save money may annoy others.

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