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Netizens apologize to Maria Sharapova for cyberbullying her when she said she didn’t know Tendulkar

Angered by Sachin Tendulkar’s tweet on farmers’ protest, many numbers of Keralaites swamped tennis star Maria Sharapova’s social media pages with messages, apologizing for scrutinizing her in 2015 when she had in an interview alleged vagueness about the cricket icon.

While most messages were repentant of their previous comments, a few even requested the Russian to come to God’s Own Country to enjoy its scenic splendor and attend the iconic Thrissur Pooram once the coronavirus threat subsided.

Sharapova, you were right about Sachin, that he is not a person of quality that you should know,” a social media user commented in Malayalam, in the thread of hundreds of similar messages in Malayalam. The tennis star on Wednesday posted a tweet saying, “Anyone else got their years confused?”, after her Twitter and Facebook pages were overflowed with comments in Malayalam, like in 2015.

Sharapova had faced the wrath of Malayalees in 2015 following her comment in an interview that she did not know Tendulkar. Many were back on her wall Wednesday, apologizing for their “crude behavior” six years ago, soon after Tendulkar along with many Bollywood and other cricket stars gathered around the government in its criticism against international celebrities’ support to the farm protests. Tendulkar’s tweet did not go down well with his fans, with many hitting out at their “God”.

Thousands of comments in Malayalam on Sharapova’s wall had a similar pattern. “I am sorry, Maria, the legend. We knew Sachin as a player. But we didn’t know him as a person. You were right and sorry for commenting badly on your FB post,” a user said. One person offered her shawarma and Kuzhimanthi (a type of biryani) and apologized, saying, “I am the sorry”, quoting from a Malayalam movie, while another said “One truckload of apologies, sister. We didn’t have your foresightedness. Time proved that you were right.”


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