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New rules for gatherings, parties and events imposed in UAE

New rules for gatherings, parties and events were issued in UAE. The The Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs (DSVA) in Sharjah has issued the new guidelines for all kinds of gatherings, parties and events. The new rules were issued considering the Covid-19 situation in the emirate.

DSVA has reduced the number of participants in the gatherings. As per the new announcement only 20 people will be allowed to attend social gatherings. They will also have to maintain a distance of four metres between them. The guests would be apprised of the precautionary measures before an event starts and the venue must have adequate ventilation.

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Guests must avoid physical contacts such as handshakes and hugging each other. The use of face masks is mandatory at all time. Each table is allowed to sear four people and sanitizing equipment should always be at hand, they added.




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