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‘Take the vaccine, get an ice-cream’; how Moscow lures the vaccine takers

COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed all around the globe. While many are ready to take the vaccine, another set of people are reluctant too to do the same. This happens mainly because of the fear of consequences that may occur after inoculation. No assurances from the part of governments and concerned authorities will ever convince those people who are hesitant to take the jab. And here comes Moscow with a different approach to sort out this problem.

You may feel the Moscow vaccination centres are a little crazy. But they are doing their best to bring in people to take vaccine. What they have come up with is to give an ice cream to the one who takes the vaccine. This unique idea comes when the educating programmes by various vaccine centres have ended up in vain. Happily the ice-cream mission have gained positive response.

Before this ‘cool incentive’ launched, reports showed that only 38% of Russians were willing to take the Sputnik V vaccine. Earlier the number of vaccine takers were around 30-35 on a day. But now all the fear seems to have molten away with some sweetness. Surprisingly around 300 people are now taking vaccines daily.

Even there prevails a bit of fear in minds of local residents to take part in inoculation drive, the vaccination centres hope that with such different approaches they’ll be able to begin a mass vaccination. Whether it be ice-cream or candy, vaccination centres are to adopt such funny incentives just to make people safe.

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