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“Attention Ladies …Wrap the cabbage leaf around the breast and get instant pain relief” ; Read more

Many of our vegetables have medicinal properties. Leafy vegetables are especially good. These are the source of fiber. It contains many vitamins. Cabbage is one of these. It is one of the most nutritious. We mainly use it as a toran. They are also used in salads. Cabbage is used as a medicine for many ailments. It is also very beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. It is also a natural remedy. It is good medicine for memory and problems like a peptic ulcers. It is also very good for the skin. Cabbage is good for eye health. Cabbage inhibits the growth of cancer-causing cells.

Breast pain
It is common for breastfeeding mothers to experience chest pain. Cabbage is a good remedy for this. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. This will reduce chest pain. Especially where there is chest pain. Peel a squash, grate it and wash it in cold water. Place it on your breasts as if it is not covering the nipple. Then the bra can be worn as usual. Cabbage peel can be replaced after 20 minutes or after freezing. It is a good remedy for menstrual chest pain and chest tightness.

For muscle-related pain
It is also a good remedy for muscle aches. It is also very good for muscle cramps and muscle aches. It can also be used to lightly scrub and place on body parts if desired. It is convenient to tie it flat like a good one with a whipped chapati stick. It is better to do this with green and white cabbage than with purple cabbage. This is what gives the health benefits the most.

Feet inflammation
Feet inflammation is a common problem for many people. This can lead to problems with the feet, including gout, which is an increase in uric acid. The solution is to wrap the cabbage leaves in this part. It is also a good remedy for arthritis and dehydration caused by it. It can be tied up overnight. This is the best way to find a solution to dehydration. It is a good remedy for rheumatic problems. It is beneficial to apply this method to the cabbage to remove the fluid and pain caused by it.

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Cabbage can be wrapped around many parts of the body like this. Thyroid problems are one of the major concerns of many people today. It is a good remedy for the thyroid. It should be wrapped around the side of the thyroid gland. This will give more benefits to those who have neck stiffness. It should be tied around the neck at night and kept on the neck till morning. Let’s move it later. It is a good remedy for thyroid problems. Especially if you have conditions like goiter with swelling in the neck.


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