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Cow charges into hospital waiting room; patients and staffs terrified

A cow was filmed charging into the waiting room of a hospital in Colombia leaving the patients and staffs petrified. The rogue cow stampeded through the hospital waiting room. The people nearby were all seen running in different directions to protect themselves from the cow.

The 90-second clip has been gone viral. It shows visitors sitting in a crowded waiting room at the San Rafael Hospital in Antioquia. Suddenly, a large cow enters the room.  It created an immediate panic among the visitors. A group of people are seen running to a corner for safety, unfortunately the cow follows them. An injured woman was left trapped in the room and the cow kicked her against the wall.

Some could escape from the room. Finally after hours of trouble and helplessness, the cow was caught up in the blue seats. It was pulled by two men by its lead. Later a man returned to check on the animal and he was chased away immediately. Another man tried taunting the animal but then he also had to run away. As per the local media, no one suffered any serious injuries. The woman who was attacked by cow is treated for minor contusions.

The rogue cow had damaged two motorcycles at the hospital’s entrance.  A few minutes after the whole incident, owner of the cow visited the hospital. He apologised to the staff and patients for all that happened.


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