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Stray dogs with blue fur; reason for strange colour seems alarming

Elephants with wings, fishes with legs …. our fantasies are often crazy. What about dogs with blue fur? Won’t it be beautiful and cute? Alas that fantasy have gained ‘colour’. Stray dogs with blue fur are spotted in Russia. But the reason behind their unusual colouring seems alarming.

A pack of stray dogs from Russia went viral last week because of their blue-coloured fur. Many thought that these are dogs belonging to a lesser-known breed. On the other hand many say that the blue fur can be because of the pollution from chemical waste near a disused factory. The pictures were taken in  Dzerzhinsk, which is located in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region.

However the picture of blue furred stray dogs went viral within no time. Later the local authorities visited the area to take the dogs for a check-up. The images were taken by some local residents near the Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo plant. The area where these dogs were found is an abandoned factory that closed down six years ago due to financial crisis. The factory was once a large chemical production facility that made hydrocyanic acid and plexiglass. Experts also suggest the possibility of stray dogs have come in contact with some copper sulphate while wandering around the area.

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