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Biden-Modi bromance; The sooner the better it would be

Every time a new President is elected to power in US, India is preoccupied with the question as to how will US approach towards India under new administration. As he completes the first month in office, Biden has revealed his stances. But here in India, there has been no public response from Delhi to help the President understand Indian perspectives.

There are hardly any public debate on the good, the indifferent and the problematic aspects in the emerging India-US relations. When Israel, Turkey and China were waiting for their turns, India was the first among non-treaty allies to be called by Biden. And this really is significant.

But there are hints of differences even on democracy like when Biden spoke about his commitment to spreading democratisation,the Indian transcript does not back it. His condemnation of the treatment meted out to Navalny was not our concern. But Biden will be aware of our special relations with Russia. He may also know the exemption Russia have given to India to import S-400 missiles.

Biden recently shared with outer world the threat from China. But it was music to our ears. One thing is sure that he will take a lenient view of areas in which the two countries have the scope to work together. Biden have not yet mentioned India-Pacific in this context, but his defence secretary had supported the Quad dialogue. In fact, India-Pacific is the only area in which Indian cooperation exists.

The scaling down of American relationship with Saudi Arabia have nothing to do with us. But with the uncertainty of the Iran nuclear deal, the situation in West Asia may take a turn for the worse for which we need to be prepared together. When it comes to Afghan, the renewal of the appointment of the Afghan envoy is good.  But Biden’s position on Pakistan and cross border terrorism will only be vivid after the Afghanistan issue is settled.

In an nutshell, Biden’s India is somewhat in a safe position compared to other countries. And it is evident that Biden has a priority for India. Obvious that the reduction of tension on the Chinese border may have reduced the urgency of a Biden-Modi meeting. But if Biden has taken much interest in India, it is well and good for Modi to start a bromance with Biden.


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