Researchers developed a face mask with anti-viral coating to combat Covid-19

Everyone is now going out wearing a mask due to the Covid spread. Health workers have warned people not to touch the outside of the mask with their hands. Health officials are issuing such a warning in view of the possibility of germs sticking to the mask spreading to the hands. But researchers are preparing to make face masks with an antiviral coating that will fight germs to avoid such a risk. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed face masks with antiviral coatings.

DiOX, an anti-viral coating technology, can destroy the coronavirus in less than an hour. The invisible coating on the mask destroys them by breaking the outer layer of the virus. The mantle is capable of destroying even the newly discovered genetically modified coronavirus in the UK and South Africa. The researchers said that although the virus was genetically modified, the outer layer did not change. DiOX technology is based on ammonium salt compounds. Ammonium salt compounds have anti-microbial properties. Ammonium salt coating masks have the ability to destroy 95% of germs in an hour. It kills 100 percent of the germs in four hours.

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