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Woman fails to eat the yummy Onion bhaji; What stopped her? Here’s what happened….

When you order food from a restaurant, do you ever think of how the food have been made? If not, this story will make you think that way for at least once. Imagine this, you ordered food from your favourite takeaway. Upon delivery, you find the food too cold. So you decide to heat it in a microwave. And finally you are about to eat it. Yummmmmm… You have a fork with you to cut it but you realise that you can’t. How pathetic it would be!!!

A woman in the UK had the same situation. She ordered her Onion bhaji from an Indian takeaway. She found the food cold on delivery, decided to heat it. And then when she was about to cut it with her fork, she failed. Reason is that she found a sink plug inside onion bhaji. Just keep in mind that a sink plug is a solid stopper kept in bathrooms or sink.

The 65-year-old woman said she had ordered a meal from a restaurant called ‘Garam Masala’ in Bedminister, Bristol and her grandson made the discovery of the sink plug. The woman said she was excited as she opened the package. She saw potato peelings in the rice. When her grandson decided to have a bite, he was unable to cut the onion bhaji. At that point, the woman microwaved the food thinking its too cold to be served. Instead it was the sink plug that made it solid.

“When I saw that it was a plug, I was absolutely gobsmacked. I just couldn’t believe it. It made me wonder if someone was not very happy in the kitchen that night,” she said. The woman called up the restaurant but they¬† told it was not possible for the sink plug to be inside the bhaji.

“I was very disappointed and surprised. I asked him to have a think about what he could do, and get back to me. He didn’t call me back for over an hour. I called him again and he said, ‘Sorry, I’ve been busy. If you want a refund you have to go through JustEat’,” said the woman. She reported the restaurant to the environmental health team at Bristol City Council.

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