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Size of a human hand; Giant wood moth leaves netizens amazed

Prehistoric creatures are strange. They look different and unreal. If you are that guy who is easily creeped out by bizarre creatures of the wild, better scoot….

A human hand sized giant moth has been recently discovered by a woman, Pam Taylor who was out on a bushwalk in Brisbane’s northeast. The woman was walking along with her family through Camp Mountain. Then she spotted a giant bug perched upon a tree. The giant moth has a wingspan of apparently 10 inches. It looks bigger than a man’s clenched fist. Bizarre!!!

Pam Taylor shared the pictures of giant moth on Facebook. She also shared photos on a group called ‘Amateur Entomology Australia’ that has over 23,200 members. Many said it is a Giant Wood Moth, which is common in coastal areas of Australia. Taylor went back to the location to check on the moth. This time it wasn’t alone.¬†Two moths are seen in new pictures. And Taylor said that they are mating.

Wood months have a wingspan of about 25 cm and can be 15 cm in length. They are grey in colour with a dark spot on their thorax. They are the heaviest moth in the world weighing up to 30 grams. They are commonly spotted during summer in Australia. But they are mostly found along the east coast.

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