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Flyers with no check-in-bag can travel with a discount on ticket price

New Delhi: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a notification allowing domestic airlines to offer discounts on ticket prices for cabin luggage without check-in luggage. Passengers are required to state the weight of their luggage at the time of booking the ticket for the discount. Under the current rules, a passenger can carry up to seven kilograms of cabin luggage and 15 kilograms of check-in baggage. If the weight is more than the allotted amount, an additional amount will be charged.

Under the new rules, airlines will be allowed to carry zero baggage/no check-in baggage free of charge. This will be recorded on the ticket. However, in case of unavoidable baggage during the journey, an additional charge will be levied at the airport counter. Domestic airlines have also been directed to reduce the charges for seats, food, beverages, snacks, lounge, sports equipment, and musical instruments. The DGCA said in a statement that the move was prompted by feedback from passengers that it was unfair to charge extra for services that were not available to passengers and that such services were often unavailable. The statement added that passengers can avail of additional services at their discretion. Airlines may charge extra for such services.

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