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‘BJP will overthrow the Congress governments with small majority’: Rahul Gandhi

Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi has said that Congress must come into power with two third majority. He said that BJP will will overthrow the Congress governments with small majority. The Congress MP from Wayanad said this while addressing advocates at VOC College in Thoothukudi  in Tamil Nadu.

“A nation is balanced between its institutions. If the balance is disturbed, the nation is disturbed. That is the central idea….Over the last 6 years, there has been a systematic attack on elected institutions and the free press that hold the nation together. Democracy doesn’t die with a bang, it dies slowly. I am sad to tell you that democracy in India  is dead, it does not exist. The concentration of capital has combined with the RSS to destroy the institutional balance in the country.  There is a full-scale assault against secularism. The RSS and the BJP are leading that assault,” Rahul Gandhi  said.

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“Whenever the Congress has said show us EVMs, let us do random checks on machines, we are told you can’t do. I would be comfortable with EVMs if I could see it was open to checking, transparent, accessible to political parties,”  added  Rahul Gandhi.

Gandhi is on a three-day tour of Tamil Nadu where assembly elections will be held in a single phase on April 6. The results will be declared on May 2.


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