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‘Prime Minister of India is scared of China’: Rahul Gandhi attacks PM over border standoff

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has launched severe attack on Prime Minister over the India-China border standoff. The Congress MP from Wayanad has said that prime Minister Narendra Modi is scared of China.

‘Essentially the Chinese occupied certain strategic areas in our country. They first tested the idea in Dokhlam. They tested the idea to see how would India react and they noticed India did not react. And then they carried out the idea again in Ladakh and also I believe in Arunachal Pradesh,’ Rahul Gandhi said.

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‘They know that the Prime Minister of India cannot stand up to them. Mark my words, our land in Depsang, which is the most important land, is not going to come back to under this government. The Prime Minister will not get that land back. He will pretend everything is sorted out, but India is going to lose that territory,’ he added.

‘The Chinese understood very well that India cannot be pushed around. Even in 2013 when the Chinese entered into India, we took action that forced them, forced them to compromise…we went and occupied other spaces. They have now understood the Prime Minister doesn’t have the courage…the Chinese know the Prime Minister is going to compromise,’ he added.

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