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Covid vaccine may be less effective in people with obesity… Read more!!!

Millions of people worldwide suffer from obesity. Obesity is one of the risk factors for many diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. However, studies have shown that people with obesity are at higher risk for Covid 19.
The vaccine has already been distributed in many parts of the world. Health workers, Covid front workers and the sick are now given priority over the Covid vaccine. But a recent study suggests that overweight people should also be considered for this group.

Studies show that Pfizer and Biotech Covid vaccines may be less effective in overweight people. The study was conducted by Aldo Venuti and his team in Rome. When 248 health workers were given the first dose of Pfizer / Biotech vaccine and the second dose seven days later, 99.5 percent had an immune response. However, it was found to be less common in overweight and obese people.

Researchers in Italy have found that healthy people who receive the vaccine have less than half the amount of antibodies they receive in a given period of time. This suggests that the vaccine may be overly effective.
Previous studies have shown that obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing covid. Obesity and excess body fat can lead to metabolic changes such as insulin resistance and hydration. It has also been found to reduce the ability to fight infections.

Swelling in the body weakens the immune system. It has previously been found that flu vaccines are only 50% effective in obese people. Obesity is likely to lead to illness and death of covid patients. More studies are needed on this topic. Studies need to be done on giving extra doses of vaccine to obese people.

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