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‘Is it a warning by China ‘: Study reveals the Chinese connection in the ‘ Mumbai blackout’

A new study has revealed that there is a Chinese connection in the ‘ Mumbai blackout’. The study claims that power failure in Mumbai has a connection with the Galwan Valley clash. The study claims that the power failure in Mumbai that reported in October 12 last year  was caused by Chinese cyber attack. And it was a retaliatory action by China for the Galwan Valley clash in which many Chinese soldiers lost their lives.

The power outage had occurred across Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai because of a grid failure. The Mumbai blackout had come just a few months after Chinese and Indian troops had clashed in Galwan Valley. The India China standoff had lasted months and had caused casualties on both sides.

The report was published in The New York Times. The study was carried out by a Massachusetts-based company named Recorded Future. The study carried out by the company claims that a a China-linked threat activity group RedEcho targeting the Indian power sector.

“The alleged link between the outage and the discovery of the unspecified malware” in the system “remains unsubstantiated.” But they noted that “additional evidence suggested the coordinated targeting of the Indian load dispatch centers,” which balance the electrical demands across regions of the country’, says the study by Recorded Future.

“I think the signaling is being done” by China to indicate “that we can and we have the capability to do this in times of a crisis. It’s like sending a warning to India that this capability exists with us,” said cyber expert, retired Lt. Gen. D.S. Hooda.

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