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State Government approves the formation of Delhi Board of School Education

New Delhi: The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today announced that Delhi Government will set up the Delhi Board of School Education. Delhi Cabinet approved the constitution of its school education board.

The Chief Minister said the board will fulfill 3 aims. The first aim is to instill patriotism in children so that they would be ready to shoulder the responsibilities of our nation in every field be it in science, technology, business, politics, or social.

The second aim is to mold our children into good human beings. They should be taught to come out of the wall of religion, caste, or financial status and accept one another as just human beings. They have to live their life selflessly both for their family and the society.

The third aim is that the children should have a job at once they finish their studies. Many people with big degrees are jobless at present. The board will make a schedule of what they will teach and how they will teach so that the children will be able to stand on their own and have ready employment when they finish their studies. The board is being set up to give such an education.

The current education system gives importance to by-hearting the subjects. Instead of this, the new education system would give importance to understanding the subject thoroughly. The system would also give importance to a develop a child’s personality. A child would not be made to assess just for 3 hours at the end of every academic year. The new assessment method is a continuous process stretching across the entire year.

The board will have the support of many international organizations to bring international educational practices. The board will use high-end techniques to teach and assess children to meet the international standards.

Everyone is special in some way or another. It would be the responsibility of the education system to find out about the specialty of a child, assess their interests and needs, and give training in his particular ‘field of interest’.

Delhi has around 1000 government schools and 1700 private schools. All government schools and most of the private schools are affiliated with CBSE. In the 21 – 22 academic year,  20-25 government schools will be included in the Delhi Board of School Education by cutting their CBSE affiliation.

The new education board will have a governing body headed by the Education Minister of the Delhi government and an executive body for day-to-day functions headed by a chief executive officer. Other than bureaucrats both governing bodies will have experts from the education sector and professional industries.

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