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Politician turned actor Balayya Babu slaps a fan again – This time at Hindupur

Nandamuri Balakrishna who is the Hindupur MLA lost his cool while campaigning for his party in the outskirts of the state. Nandamuri Balakrishna, also called Balayya Babu by his fans is notorious for his ill-temper and is famous for slapping his fans and acquaintances.

Some years ago, supporting actor-politician Nandamuri Balakrishna’s habit of attacking, filmmaker Puri Jagannadh had said that fans “enjoy” and “yearn”  for his slaps.The director even called the slapping a gesture of affection. On Friday, Balayya was again caught on camera ,this time slapping a young man who allegedly irritated him unintentionally. The video went viral in various social media platforms .The victim, a young man, whom the TDP leader slapped at least twice, has stated that he is a “die-hard NBK fan” and is “honoured” to be touched by him.

Balakrishna has often been caught on camera hitting fans and journalists, for being too close to him, or trying to take photos or videos. He has even chased and slapped his own party worker and  has also snatched and threw his phone for daring to photograph and record him. He has also slapped  not been kind on hardcore fans who went close to him to have a look at the superstar or to take selfies.

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Balakrishna, who is very popular in all the south Indian states for the outrageous action and funny dance sequences in some of his films.He has often courted controversies by making strange remarks.Whenever,a new footage of Balayya slapping fans’ surface,countless other videos of his antics get trending on social media.Balayya,inspite of his aggressive behaviour continues to win the support of his fans.


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