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“Anything for a sandwich” ; Helicopter ride during the lockdown, breaking the rules…

Australia; 2020 will seemingly be the year when the entire globe recognizes what a lockdown is. The first few days went by without much difficulty but as the days passed by many were concerned about not perceiving their favorite food items. Eventually, many people broke the lock-down laws for their favorite dishes.

Last year we came to know about a young man who drove 32 kilometers to Australia in search of butter chicken, and a greedy Russian billionaire who flew 720 miles in a helicopter to McDonald’s shop, spending $ 2,680 on McDonald’s burgers and fries. It would be a mistake to believe that all of this will be over by 2020. The story remains in 2021.

Lockdown restrictions have been raised in many nations but are still in position in some regions. Lockdown restrictions remain in the UK as well. Meanwhile, the latest news is that a man traveled 128 km in a helicopter to get his beloved dish from his favorite restaurant. An unknown young man flew by helicopter for a roast beef sandwich from a chipping farm shop in Chipping, Lancashire. It went viral after a fast food outlet posted on Instagram a short clip of one of their employees giving out packaged meals to the pilot.

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The video, which was shared with the caption, “Customers came to buy roasted beef with caramelized junior gravy,” was not caught by the police, who have started an inquiry into the violation of lock-down rules. The longing for fast food made titles in January when a man drove a car from Luton to Davis. Eventually, he was caught by the police. The car was picked up by police after being penalized 200 dollars and the vehicle’s insurance lapsed. The price he had to settle for coveting.


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