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Swapna Suresh was ‘forced by ED’ to name CM Pinarayi Vijayan ; Shocking revelation by woman police escort

Swapna Suresh, the primary accused in the Kerala gold smuggling case was compelled into mentioning CM Pinarayi Vijayan, a remark by a police escort now implies. With state Assembly elections approaching shortly, the gold smuggling case has arisen as a chief discussion topic between the LDF’s political rivals. Recently, the Customs Department filed an affidavit in court stating that Swapna Suresh had termed Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan in the gold smuggling case. Pinarayi Vijayan replied to the statement by blaming central investigating agencies of ‘voluntarily’ regarding up ‘election campaigns.

Now, a woman police officer who was appointed to Swapna Suresh’s guarding force has made some shocking claims. In a handwritten statement, the police guard hints that Swapna Suresh was ‘forced by ED’ sleuths to mention Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan while the questioning. The officer was part of the group of police personnel who accompanied Swapna Suresh while she was being interrogated by different investigative agencies in association with the Kerala gold smuggling case.

According to officials, the police escort’s comment was filed in association with an investigation about the source of the audio clip in which Swapna Suresh said that she was being ‘forced’ to name CM Vijayan. But, the police escort declares that she is unaware of whom Swapna Suresh was talking to in the alleged audio clip. Citing to the Trivandrum Airport (TRV), CM Pinarayi Vijayan said in a tweet on Monday, “How did TRV – under full control of Union Govt. – become a hub of gold smuggling since BJP came to power?”

The police officer’s written declaration alleges that ED officials ‘forcefully’ made Swapna Suresh furnish the name of Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan during interrogation.”While I was in the interrogation room with Swapna, I have seen Swapna being forced to give statements as mentioned in the voice clip, When I was there, Radhakrishnan sir used to question her by pressuring her.” the police escort claimed.

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It is still unclear whether the police escort was relating to P Radhakrishnan, Assistant Director of Enforcement Directorate (ED). As agencies asked for custody extension of her on August 14 of last year, Swapna Suresh had complained through her lawyer that she was being subjected to custodial cruelty, including sleep loss, the police escort said in her statement.


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