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Vaccination is here : Will we finally dispense with face masks??

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on March 8 that the people who have been vaccinated can visit others-indoors and sans-masks and can give social distancing a miss under specific conditions.

Fully vaccinated people ,that means the people who have passed two weeks after their last dose of vaccinatio may visit other fully vaccinated people  even in private settings, indoors,sans-masks or not observing social distancing. Health care workers who are vaccinated and other vaccinated people could finally relish time together  indoors without the hindrance of wearing masks or observing social distancing.Fully vaccinated people can also be with unvaccinated provided the unvaccinated people are at low risk-category.This would finally mean people can finally have a safe time together without the scare of contracting the disease.

Joe Biden’s new CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated during a March 8 briefing that the new recommendations are “just a first step. As more people are vaccinated and the science and evidence expands, and the disease dynamics change, we will continue to update the guidance.We remain in the midst of a serious pandemic, where more than 90% of the population is not fully vaccinated. Everyone, whether they are vaccinated or not, should continue to avoid medium- to large-sized gatherings, as well as non-essential travel. In public spaces, they should continue to wear a well-fitting mask, physically distance and follow other measures to protect themselves and others. We believe the new recommendations are important first steps in efforts to resume everyday activities in our community.”

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The CDC is  also advising people who are vaccinated to better continue to wear masks and observe social distancing and stay away from large crowds and gatherings in public . Suppose a fully vaccinated person wants to visit  someone who is unvaccinated and at higher risk of COVID-19.The visit in such a situation should  preferably occur outdoors with six feet of distance between the two and the two people wearing a mask.Rochelle Walensky,the new director was  chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital and has been on the forefront with patients in the battle against Covid-19 outbreak.


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