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Football Referee urinates on ground infront of camera before the match.

There has been a lot of bizzare unwanted incidents on a soccer pitch like head-butts, fouls,fights,swear and even blood,but not urine.In a first,Denis da Silva Ribeiro,the referee urinated on the pitch much to the disbelief of spectators. He was caught on camera relieving himself  causally in the centre circle of the playing field minutes before a local match in Brazil.

Denis da Silva Ribeiro Serafim urinated without pulling his shorts down before the start of the Copa de Brasil match between Boavista and Goias on Thursday.The incident occurred while the commentator was introducing the players,referee and the linesmen. The commentator had, however, failed to notice it.

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The spectators, however, were more sharp and took notice of urine running down the referee’s leg. Soon the footage went viral on social media platforms.The video captured the referee loosening his shorts after looking behind his back briefly and then urinating close to the ball with which the match was played. A wet spot was clearly visible on his shorts soon afterwards. The press and the local media supported the view that Denis da Silva Ribeiro Serafim didn’t have the  time to use the toilet in the change room before going to the pitch.Boavista beat their opponents Goias 3-1 in the match ,but the talk of the town was the referee’s act of urinating on the pitch.


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