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Solace; Biden admin offers temporary legal residency to people from Myanmar

Solace for people from Myanmar. The Biden administration offered temporary legal residency to people from Myanmar, where elected government have been overthrown by military leaders and are using deadly force against protesters. Meanwhile the Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told that the temporary protected status would last for next 18 months. The designation applies to people from that country already living in the United States.

Just hours before the seating of a new parliament following election results that were seen as a rebuff to the country’s generals, Myanmar’s military seized power on Feb. 1. The coup upended internationally and did their best to restore democracy and to end decades of junta rule. Reports show that the security forces killed dozens of protesters since the coup.

Mayorkas stated that the takeover has worsened humanitarian conditions and disrupted the medical flights into the country. It has brought on an economic crisis. Peaceful life for Myanmar nationals and longtime residents seems to be a distant possibility now.


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