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Terrifying scream and wide eyes; Creepy bird frightens woman

No doubt that on first glance, this creature might look like a prosthetic from a film set. To a few it may look like a good edit work from a studio. But believe it, this is so real, just real as you and me.

This is a creepy bird that frightened a woman in Colombia. With its terrifying scream and big eyes, this ‘Ghost bird’ have gone viral over internet within no time. A short clip of the bird, sitting on a wooden post, was filmed on 13 December, 2020. The woman who captured the bird at first thought that it was a stick. On getting closer she realised it was very much a living thing.

The bird is a rare and elusive great potoo. A species of nocturnal birds that prey on large insects and small vertebrates. They are known for their unique morning growl that the bird vocalises throughout the night.

And now to the story. The woman spotted the bird sitting on top of a fence in Chibolo, located in the northern region of Magdelena. As in the video, its eyes were first closed and it sat perfectly still. But when the woman slowly approaches it with her camera, it opened its eyes and and beak widely to let out a loud sound.

“The first time I saw him I thought it was a stick, but he moved and I approached him. The bird opened eyes and mouth and scared me a lot, but being so strange I decided to take pictures and record videos. When I got closer I raised my hand, and he opened his mouth in reply. I’ve been to that farm about five times, neighbors in the sector say they’ve heard it before, but whoever saw was more than 15 years ago” said the woman.

The great potoo with its large head and brown iris is a bit scary. It’s beak is short but broad and wings elliptical in shape. Potoo are mostly found in southern Mexico, northeastern Gautemala and through most of Central America.


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