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Hey consumer!!!! It’s World Consumer Rights Day; here’s all you need to know

Attention folks, if you are that person who loves going out for shopping or if you are that person who is not fond of spending too much money on things you buy, this is your day. Every year, March 15 is observed as World Consumer Rights Day. Here’s all you need to know about the day, read on…

Why a consumer rights day?

As the name suggests, the day is to enable consumers across the world to fight for their rights. The government is responsible to protect all consumers in the country under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.

Well, what is the theme of Consumer Rights Day 2021?

The theme this year is “Tackle Plastic Pollution”. We are already in a battle against pandemic and we have been fighting against plastic as well. But with the outbreak, our lives have become more easy in the sense we always tend to find easy ways to do things.

Since last year, many of us have been depending on junk foods. To stay indoors and being reluctant to go out, many of us just threw the plastic materials straight into the soil. Plastic constitutes almost every object in the day-to-day life of humans and takes years to decompose. We all know well the fact that it will have an adverse impact on the environment. If we as a small community is doing this on a regular basis, just think of the amount of plastic being dumped out from big industrial units a single day!

And so this year, the consumers international portal gathered photographs to show how the 7 ‘R’s play an important role in tackling plastic pollution. The 7 Rs refer to replace, rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair.

Ok, great! When did the day come into being?

It was on March 15, 1962 that the former US President John F Kennedy sent a special message to the US Congress, asking them to address the issue of consumer rights. The message propelled the consumer movement into motion and in 1983. Later the consumers international portal decided to dedicate the day to consumer rights.


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