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Do hummingbirds hum? How did they get the name?

The hummingbird takes its name from the noise it creates when it flies in front of flowers to fill. The humming sound is produced by the bird’s wings. A new research study remarked that the wings flap swiftly at 40 beats per second. The hum originated from the stress difference between the topside and the base of the wings.

Being unique from other species of birds, the hummingbird’s wing was discovered to create a strong upward aerodynamic power during both the upward and downward wing blow. The researchers told that most birds are comparatively quiet because they produce most of the lift only once during the wingbeat at the downstroke. Hummingbirds and insects are louder because they do so twice per the beat of their wings.

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Applying high-speed cameras and beyond 2,000 microphones, the crew from the Netherlands examined the hummingbirds drinking sugar water from an artificial flower in a special chamber. They specifically registered each wing-beat while the bird flew in front of the flower and discovered that the wings produced noises in a style related to how bugs make. Learning the hum of the hummingbirds may also support engineers’ new methods and also develop aircraft and drone rotors.

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