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Company head’s funny decision to bar zoom calls on Friday

Citigroup CEO, Jane Fraser, on Friday barred employees from attending zoom calls. The company has decided not to handle video calls or meetings on the last working day of the weekend. This day is now known among employees as ‘Friday without zoom meetings’.

Through a memo to the employees, the CEO announced that May 28 would be a complete holiday for the company. This is called City Reset Day. Likewise, the Citibank CEO has instructed employees to avoid meetings after working hours.

The city banned video calls and announced a new company holiday as part of measures to decrease work stress and stress during the Covid crisis. As the Covid crisis changed working conditions. The company’s CEO said that the new arrangements were made in honour of the widening gap between home and work, as well as increased employee stress.

It is expected that it may take a few more months for the bank to continue operations and return to normalcy.
Based on the nature of the work, employees may not be able to be fully motivated when they have to work at night, early in the morning and on weekends. Fraser says this is good for employees and the company.

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