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Have a look at the Sattu Sherbat – great for detoxification : Holi special

At last, the most vibrant festival of the year is here. India is celebrating Holi today (March 29, 201) and it is time to sing, dance and get soakedin gulaal, water and coloursof rainbow. And what adds to the celebration is a spread of delicious foods. At time of Holi, most of us go on a bingeing celebration, with uncontrollable indulgence of gujiya, chaat, samosas, laddus and more. And also have glasses of thandai, juices and other yummy drinks. This finally leads to weight gain, bloating and often indigestion. So, post-holi detoxification becomes a must before heading for work the next day. Wanna know how? Consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta suggests, “Drink glasses of water and other fluids to keep you hydrated. And also, have light yet nutritious food to keep up a healthy digestion and metabolism.”

Acknowledging this, sattu sherbat is introduced that will not only add a good amount of nutrients to your body, but also keep you hydrated and full for long. Belonging to India, this drink has been a part of our life since childhood. Due to its original coolant property, this drink also makes a favourite breakfast choice during the scorching summers.

Benefits Of Sattu Sherbat:

Sattu ka sherbet is basically a healthy mix of sattu (roasted gram flour), sugar, black salt, roasted jeera and lemon juice. When the roasted gram flour provides you a good amount of protein, fibre and other healthy nutrients, the combination of sugar, salt and lemon helps maintain the water level in the body. Besides, sattu also helps promote metabolism, further leading to proper detoxification.

Sattu Sherbat Recipe:

For making the drink what you need is sattu, lemon juice, sugar, water, ice cubes and cumin powder. This particular recipe doesn’t include salt, we suggest including some black or pink salt to this drink to include iron and minerals to your diet. All you need to do now is, mix everything together and drink.


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