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What are Super moons? Like to know more?!

The first Super Moon of 2021 is named the Worm Moon. For people in India, the Super Moon roughly corresponds with the Phalgun Purnima. ”This will be on Monday morning from India’s timezone eastward to the International Date Line,” according to NASA. The Worm Moon will appear ”full for about three days around this time, from Saturday morning through Monday night into early Tuesday morning,” said the US space body. The deep orange hue of the exciting Full Moon is a delight for sky-watchers. Supermoons have always attracted netizens and it often starts trending on social media.

What are Super Moons?

The term Super Moon was invented by Richard Nolle, an astrologer, in 1979. He used the term for both a New Moon or a Full Moon that is closest to the Earth. In a year there are usually two to four Super Moons.

The March Full Moon called the Worm Moon, why?

The March Full Moon has been traditionally been referred to as the Worm Moon. According to the timeanddate.com, Full Moons had been given many names since ancient times and the ”Full Moon names we use today often reflect the changing seasons and nature, like Harvest Moon, Strawberry Moon, or Snow Moon.”

The Full Moon in spring is called the Worm Moon as earthworms reappear with the rise in temperatures and the ground starts melting. It is also sometimes called the Crow Moon as crows start cawing declaring the waning of the harsh winter.

Name of the Full Moons of 2021:

  • March 28th: Worm Moon
  • April 26th: Pink Moon
  • May 26th: Flower Moon
  • June 24th: Strawberry Moon
  • July 23rd: Buck Moon
  • August 22nd: Sturgeon Moon
  • September 20th: Harvest Moon
  • October 20th: Hunter’s Moon
  • November 19th: Beaver Moon
  • December 18th: Cold Moon

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