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Bhavish Aggarwal posted about an autonomous electric car flying car, as an April Fool’s day joke

Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola co-founder and CEO, has posted on Twitter saying that his company has revealed the world’s first autonomous electric flying car, called the Ola AirPro. He also gave a new website that tells the specifications of the assumed car. But worry not because this a traditional April Fool’s joke. “Excited to unveil the world’s first and only fully autonomous electric flying car. The Ola AirPro. Ab har family bharegi udaan. Test flights now at https://olaairpro.com,” tweeted Aggarwal

The website also shows some really incredible statistics about the assumed OLA AirPro. It obviously has 0kg of CO2 emissions, it is 100 per cent electric and it has a top speed of 350 kmph which makes it quicker than an F1 car.

On the website, it is told that people don’t need a flying or driving license. And we have not to worry about the rising fuel charges as it has got a really mysterious charging technology which needs to be praised, that is, Ola is calling it the PuraCell battery technology which needs to be charged only once.

“With no engine to run, the Ola AirPro cabin is the quietest in its category (a category of one, we admit). What that does is, is make urban mobility a noiseless affair. The auto noise-cancellation cabin of the Ola AirPro cabin maintains the quiet, whether you are road-bound or air-borne. The quiet is quite something,” claims Ola, reminding one of the caterpillar drives in the Tom Clancy movie, the Hunt For The Red October.

The battery technology has ethereum-ion cells and the AI clearly is as real as well humans.” Using sensors, actuators, complex algorithms, and machine learning to map and navigate terra firma and the sky, the Ola AirPro’s AI is best friend material for any driver,” said Ola.

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