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Country to test out Covid-19 passports at mass gatherings and events

A country has decided to test out Covid-19 passports at mass gatherings and events. England has decided this. As per reports, England is planning to launch a series of measures including “coronavirus status certifications”. These measures will be introduced for people to attend mass gatherings at sports events, nightclubs and concerts.

The British government claims that it has developed a Covid-19 -status certification and it would show whether a person had had a vaccine, a recent negative test or natural immunity from a positive test taken in the last six months. The trial of this will done at nine events including the FA Cup semi-final and final, will be used to assess whether large events can be held in closed settings without social distancing. The system is unlikely to be used for public transport, shops or pubs.

As per new order, a limited number of people will be able to attend football matches from May 17 while nightclubs will be allowed to reopen no earlier than June 21.


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