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Try these 12 tips to improve kitchen safety

It is very important to make the kitchen a safe place. Many people experience burns while working in the kitchen. There are some ways to avoid such small and big accidents.

1. Do not remove hot utensils by hand in a hurry. Burns may occur when the vessel is touched or falls out of the hand. Therefore you should use thermal pad heatproof hand gloves to avoid burns.

2. Hot pads can be used to store hot food.

3. Do not touch the food processor or blind while using it.

4. Smoke sensors are also available in the market. These will help you to know the short circuits in the house.

5. Gas leak detectors can be installed in the house. If there is a leak in the gas cylinder in the kitchen, it can be detected quickly.

6. It is mandatory to have a first aid kit in the kitchen.

7. Kitchen countertops and corner areas should be covered with protective guards or cushions.

8. Install lockable cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen thus children cannot open them easily.

9. Grip kitchen mats can be placed in areas where there is a risk of slipping.

10 Liquid cleaners should be locked on the top boards.

11. Gas, stove, and induction stove can be turned off after use. Use a child-resistant knob cover on these.

12. If children will be in the kitchen while cooking, it is best to fasten their seat belts to the high chair.



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