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Saudi Arabia issues statement Ramadan moon sighting

Saudi Arabia has issued an important statement regarding Ramadan moon sighting.  The observatory of Al Majmaah University at Hawtat Sudair in Riyadh has issued the statement.  The astronomers in the observatory has issued the statement after conducting scientific research.

The astronomers said that on April 11, 2021, which corresponds to Shaban 29, “the moon will set before the sun,” and so will not be able to be seen by the naked eye. ” The moon sighting is expected to be clearer the on April 12, which corresponds to the Islamic date of Shaban 30.The sun will set in Makkah at 6.38 pm and the crescent will rise at 7.01pm, “which means that the crescent will be formed 22 minutes after sunset, at an altitude of 4.75 degrees”, reads the statement.

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