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Most often seen ‘Night Shining’ clouds taken from space,NASA

NASA often takes to various social media platforms to share images taken from the outer space. Those are the pictures which never fail to captivate people. Case in point, their latest image of Noctilucent or “night shining” clouds which is nothing short of extraordinary and may make you say “Wow”.

Noctilucent or “night shining” clouds are forming in Earth’s mesosphere.These clouds form in between 47 to 53 miles (76 to 85 km) above our planet’s surface, near the mesopause,a boundary of the mesosphere and thermosphere.

This region of Earth’s upper atmosphere is one of the least understood. Now, it can be studied by airborne SOFIA observatory, a joint project with German Aerospace Center (DLR). SOFIA has been used extensively to study the cosmos, and thanks to an instrument upgrade, it offers a new way to study home planet.

German researcher Heinz Hubers led a team to improve one of SOFIA’s infrared instruments with a new laser technology. He recently published a paper that, for the first time, directly measured oxygen in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere the region near which noctilucent clouds shine.

Since being posted on April 10, the share has gathered more than one million likes. It has also accumulated tons of comments.All sorts of comments poured in on this incredible picture. Just like this one shared by European Space Agency, are playing some nice music while enjoying this amazing view and questioned the viewers that “Can you guess the song?”. To which many shared the name of the song What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong.



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