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In Bhopal bodies are piling up in crematoriums people say this is first time since the Bhopal tragedy

In Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, ambulances could be seen lining up with bodies as many waited on the roadside for their turn to perform funerals, looking for space to set up pyres. Bodies are piling up at crematoriums and burial grounds in Madhya Pradesh, reflecting a steep rise in Covid cases, but there seems to be an unexplained gap between the official daily death count released by the state government and the ground reality. People who had come to cremate their relatives wait for three-four hours as there is no room for setting up the pyre.

The health bulletin for Monday mentioned a total of 37 Covid deaths in the entire state. However,
there were 37 bodies (of people who died of Covid) at Bhadbhada crematorium alone in Bhopal on Monday.

The government denied under-reporting the death count.

“The government has no intention of hiding the death count, we will not get any award by doing so,” said Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang.

Crematorium workers are struggling with the daily pressure. 40 – 45 bodies are coming in each day and they have been  sawing 100-200 quintals of wood every day.



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