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UK man gets iPhone instead of apples he ordered for his grocery shop. Know what happened

Many people make mistakes when buying goods through e-commerce websites. There have been incidents where people ordering iPhone got soap and stones. But what if you order an Apple and get an expensive Apple iPhone? That too has happened! One person in the UK recently had such an experience. Nick James, 50, from Twickenham, UK, recently ordered apple fruit through Tesco, a global supermarket chain.

James went to buy the ordered Apple and got the Apple iPhone SE. But when he checked that he had only paid the price of Apples and that the company had made a mistake, James realized that this was part of an offer. This was for Tesco’s marketing gimmick. Many such people have received many gifts. This exchange is called the Super Substitute. Tesco.com is shocking consumers with offers like iPhone instead of apple, Chocolate instead of Samsung Galaxy. Those who order any ten items online will get the opportunity to avail of this Super Substitute offer.

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