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World Book and Copyright Day 2021,here all you need to know.

Every year the World Book and Copyrights Day is celebrated on April 23 by UNESCO. UNESCO is United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. This year, to celebrate the World Book and Copyright Day, UNESCO has created “Bookface Challenge”.

The first World Book and Copyrights Day was celebrated in 1995. The UNESCO Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature in the Service of Tolerance is awarded on this day. Also, the day will increase the understanding of copyright laws and other measures that protect intellectual properties.

The UNESCO celebrates the World Book and Copyrights Day on April 23 as it is the death anniversary of William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilasco de la Vega.

it is celebrated all over the countries in different style such as in Catalonia (Spain), the World Book Day is celebrated as St George’s Day since 1436 and on this day, people exchange gifts between loved ones.In Spain, the World Book Day is being celebrated since 1926 on October 7, because Miguel de Cervantes was born on this day.
In Sweden also, the World Book Day is called the Varldsbokdagen and is celebrated on April 13 and in UK and Ireland, they organised an event called the “World Book Night” to celebrate the World Book Day, is as a street festival in the US.

Every year UNESCO and other international organisations select World Book Capital for a one-year capital. This year Tbilisi of Georgia has been selected as the World Book Capital.


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