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Finally,Rakhi Sawant addressed speculation about the existence of her husband.

While Rakhi Sawant is not new to controversies, the biggest one she probably courted in a long while was that of her marriage to an NRI businessman named Ritesh. While Rakhi swears that she is indeed married to Ritesh and its just that he does not want any part of the world of glitz and glam. However, eversince his wife has entered the Bigg Boss 14 house, he has been supporting her every move.

Rakhi sawant reiterated that her husband Ritesh is real, as his identity continues to remain a secret. Many are convinced that news of her marriage is a publicity stunt but she declared otherwise, even swearing on her mother, Jaya Sawant, who is currently battling cancer.

In an interview with radio host Siddharth Kannan, when Rakhi addressed the speculation that Ritesh does not really exist and said emotionally ,No one is more important to me than her mother and that she never lie and   swear on her mom that she had a husband and she did get married but he is not in India, he is out of station.However, Rakhi admitted that she does not know where her marriage stands.I don’t know what stage we are at, whether we are still married or not. and confined that right now, there is a lockdown, so she don’t know if she will stay with my husband or not, or if his divorce will come through or not. ritesh is in Canada and are not giving out visas yet.


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